Media Relations

TV stations, radio stations and print media are looking at partnerships and sponsorships differently as they work to maximize and monetize every relationship. The same holds true for other sponsorship prospects that used to be happy to support a worthy organization. It is no longer enough to be a “good cause.” You need to stand out from the crowd of partnership-seekers. What can your organization bring to the table that will help sponsors achieve their goals? How can they leverage your organization’s relationships using social media, networking and your database? We’ll help you uncover those opportunities and develop plans that are easy to execute.

Media Partnerships

K Ruffin & Associates  specializes in linking organizations with media partners for cause marketing and project sponsorships. Having been a decision-maker at KYW Newsradio, one of the region’s highest-rated and most sought-after radio stations, Kyle Ruffin has a clear and current understanding of what goes in to media decisions for partnering with organizations.  Increasingly, these relationships require creativity and return on investment. 

K|R|A  can also help you tap into the non-traditional products the traditional media and other potential sponsors are using that are extremely cost-effective and get results.  Advertising opportunities can be found in places that one least expects and at costs that are a fraction of previous advertising schedules.

But, if traditional is what you want, organizations can benefit from K Ruffin & Associates extensive industry knowledge that is useful in negotiating meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships and exposure.

We’ll put our insider knowledge of the media to work to get your organization’s public relations exposure through TV, radio and print.


Public Relations

People get news and information from so many places today and media plans need to be more inclusive as well as consider the different needs and changes that impact news decisions at evolving media outlets.  News people are being asked to deliver more with less.  The same print reporter you worked with now must shoot video, blog and podcast.  For your organization, that translates into "the easier you make it for them to cover you, the more likely they'll continue covering you."  K|R|A make sure you have the right materials in your media tool box.  We'll maximize your media exposure through preparation and follow up, and expand your media list to cover relevant websites and other popular e-communication services.

Media Training

K|R|A can help prepare you for life in front of the microphone.  We'll help you stay cool through controversy, or guarantee that you or your staff represents your organization well when speaking to members of the press.