K Ruffin & Associates                                 
Marketing & Communications Specialists for the New Economy

K Ruffin & Associates is your key to working smarter – not harder.  

K|R|A provides marketing and communications tools that will help you develop and execute the projects you need to grow your organization's bottom line at a time when hiring full time staff isn't in the budget.


K|R|A  will ease you into today’s technology and assess your marketing arsenal to determine what you should keep, update or eliminate in this age of social media, smart phones and on-demand information.

K|R|A  can help you establish or enhance your brand, build credibility and stand out in a crowded marketplace.  With the right elements in place, you can boost your organization’s image among the people who matter most – your target clients, donors, volunteers and constituents. 

K|R|A  has the kind of first-hand knowledge of navigating today's media that comes from the inside.  Media relations is an ever changing world that requires up-to-date knowledge, strong relationships and finesse.  Kyle Ruffin has spent more than 16 years working in or writing about the media.  In addition, KRA works with other media professionals who's experience, knowledge are based on their own careers as news decision makers.  Let the KRA media team put their wisdom to work for you.  

K|R|A  can execute your public relations or fundraising events from A to Z, getting you the results you need without the aggravation of managing the small, but necessary details.  We'll even help you identify the best event to meet your needs, then manage it all the way through to the post-event follow-up. 

K|R|A  understands and appreciates the power of the pen.  What you say and how you say it can make the difference between success and failure.  KRA takes the time to understand your audience and crafts language and messages that generate a response.  From speeches, to promotional material like brochures and websites, to publication copy, KRA will provide the words that will elevate your message, integrate your brand and grow your bottom line.

To learn more, contact K Ruffin & Associates at 609.980.6651 or info@kruffin.com.